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There used to be accepted  genres like still life, figure,
landscape etc and painters would specialize more in the one
than the other, but generally would be versed in the various
modes of expression. This is no longer common practise,
specialization has won over even in painting. Although my
work has a common departure in the simple question of how
surfaces meet and organize themselves, it does take its
inspiration from different sources. The „compositions“ are
generally works that remain with the question of the picture
space, the meeting of dark and light, the formative nature
of the individual colours. Other groups of work are clearly
orientated at an early stage towards the question of what
happens in this open pictoral space and how is it peopled,
this leads to the works „from figure“. During the summer
I have always at some point had recourse to the landscape,
also stimulated through the repeated workshops I have given
on the theme of painting in the landscape.This group of
work takes it’s inspiration from the spirit of a place, its
mood, the colours and the way the elements of water, wind,
rocks and plants meet with the light. For the past few
years the south east of Sardinia has played an important
part in the development of this work. Thus three main
concerns although not necessarily clearly recognizable as
such, reflect  in my work  the tradition of the  three genres;
still life, figure and landscape.

The  diversity  of the work is at once an obvious asset and a
dangerous dissimilation of forces. Like a campaign that is
fought on different fronts the assaillant is wary not to
disperse his forces too much, nor to place them all together
under the same common danger .